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DIPLOM Sportlehrer, Staatlich geprüfter sozialhelfer,
Tanzlehrer, Masseur

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Kraft-Workout Trainer
Personal Trainer
Athletik Trainer


  • I spent most of my childhood life in hospitals, clinics, rehab facilities. The operating room was for a while my nursery and the operating table my cot. Can not imagine if I was seen like this today?
  • Only 12 years after my birth was diagnosed in Germany, what this almost cost me life and has been with me all my life: HEMOPHILIA
  • Blood and plasma transfusions had been the order of the day for many years and had to be because I lost a lot of blood during the day or complications and internal bleeding. Due to lack of medical advances, it was not possible to determine what I had, which resulted in me being given medications that were actually counterproductive. Instead of helping you have my condition and thus the disease supports. That’s why I was on a very good way to be a statistic.
  • Every time I was given a new blood package, it was very hard for my parents to explain what I was getting. So those with the story came to tell me it was my favorite red juice.
  • After a comma, according to my parents, the doctor in charge said that there was nothing left for me to do. The devices should be turned off, as it was only a matter of time. Nothing helped at the time and everyone had tried to keep me alive.
  • It was so bad that the Chief Physician my father said: If you find someone on this planet earth who will heal your child and bring you back to life, I will pay you out of my own pocket half a million.
  • At no time did my parent feel like giving me up. They took the bet and set off all over Lang in search of a medical miracle. Bet or not, you were determined not to give me up. Although you were financially and mentally exhausted.
  • With me you went to all the major hospitals and visited the most famous medical professionals in the country. It looked like there was nothing left to do for me.

My way, today

  • That’s me today. Years after I woke up from the coma my parents visited the chief physician. I did not know the nice gentlemen yet but to his eyes on our first meeting I could tell that he was somebody with whom I had a long past and bond. I will never forget his sight when he saw me. Tears came down his eyes. My parents told me the story.
  • 28 years later I am: DIPLOMA Professoral Health Fitness & Personal Trainer, Certified Social Assistant, Nutritionist, Dance Instructor, Strength Workout Trainer, Rehab Back Trainer, Massage Therapist, Instructor (Deep Work, Zumba, Heavy Metal, Sten N Shape, Fatburn & BodyShaping) and prospective physiotherapist. Added German Champion in Hip-Hop, Germany Cup Winner in Hip-Hop, European Championship Finalist in Hip-Hop, West German Champion in Hip-Hop, Choreographer, Actor, Model and in the true sense of the word life miracle.

My philosophy

  • Hemophilia will accompany me throughout my life and in old age I will not be able to avoid the progressive restrictions. That’s just how I will not be able to prevent that my biological age is not the same as my calendar. However, I can say that the constellation of my long-term treatment, healthy diet, sports, positive there to be positive me definitely helps every day to better control my illness and more and more of the drugs to come.
  • My philosophy is to understand that you should strive for a lifestyle and not quick results or quick successes. To be consistent, to be able to endure, to have patience, to be realistic are important components of my life style.
  • Likewise, it is important to me not to focus too much on right or wrong, but rather to speak and look for optimization approaches. Life is not just black and white. Life has many colors and you are growing beyond yourself and can successfully master a situation when you are ready to exchange and understand that there is a different color to what you are used to ..



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